Portugal-Spain Interconnection (PCI 2.17 on EC’s 2021 PCI list (5th list); TYNDP 2020 Project 4)

Status Planned

Start Jan 2024

End Dec 2025


Portugal-Spain Interconnection (PCI 2.17 on EC’s 2021 PCI list (5th list); TYNDP 2022 Project 4)

This project will increase the interconnection capacity between Portugal and Spain, pursuant to the objectives defined in the scope of MIBEL. Higher and more variable energy flows are expected between the two countries due to the increase in installed capacity based on variable sources, as well as market exchanges.  
The project is part of the new 400 kV interconnection axis in the North between Minho and Galicia. It will connect the Beariz and Fontefría substations, in Spain, and the Porto area, passing through the Ponte de Lima and Vila Nova de Famalicão substations in Portugal. Of this axis, the section between the Porto area and the area of the future Ponte de Lima substation, passing through the Vila Nova de Famalicão substation, is already in operation. 


The implementation of this cross-border project will enable a minimum commercial interconnection capacity between Portugal and Spain of 3000-3200 MW. According to the studies carried out under TYNDP 2016, as a result of the resulting increase in interconnection capacity between Portugal and Spain, this project provides, on the 2030 horizon, a reduction in variable generation costs from 0-20 M€/year to 60-80 M€/year, depending on the scenario, also taking into account the expected increase in interconnection capacity between France and Spain for that time horizon.

Simultaneously, this project will also allow, in the 2030 horizon, to avoid a loss of production from renewable sources in the order of 0-20 GWh to 290-570 GWh, depending on the scenario.

This project is especially relevant for the implementation of the EU’ energy policy targets, namely:  

  • Contributing to achieving community goals for reinforcing interconnection capacity and enabling the Single Energy Market, seeking to achieve, by 2030, the target of a 15% ratio between the value of interconnection capacity and the total installed capacity in electricity generating centres. 

  • Increasing the level of integration of the Iberian Electricity Market (MIBEL) and its integration with the European market, thus promoting competition.  

  • Obtaining synergies from complementary renewable generation technologies (namely hydro, wind, and solar) and enabling the integration of generation from renewable sources. 

  • Obtaining complementarities between the Portuguese and Spanish electricity systems.

  • Improving the reliability of the system, especially in the cross-border areas.  

  • Obtaining economic and environmental benefits from reserve generation capacity, improving stability of the electricity system, and reducing investment aimed at providing electricity generation capacity to supply consumption peaks.

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Phases of the project:

  • Environmental Study - 2020
  • Environmental Impact Declaration (EID) - June 2022
  • Execution Project Environmental Conformity Report (RECAPE) - March 2023
  • Conformity Decision of the Execution Project (DCAPE) - anticipation June/July 2023
  • Establishment License - to be defined
  • Contact with owners (cadastre survey and compensation process) - to be defined
  • Construction - to be defined

Technical Data Sheet

Voltage level: 400 kV 

Line extension: 72 km (PT: Ponte de Lima – border section) + 18 km (ES: border – Fontefría section)